Come by and visit my cozy gallery in Jyllinge.

Here you can see 20 - 40 of my works, depending on how many I have at home. I also sell posters, prints

on canvas, prints on heavy photopaper, prints on cups, painted stones, hand-cut soapstone figurines, etc.

It is a good idea to contact me first by phone, email or text so that you don't drive in vain. The gallery does not have fixed opening hours.

Here on the website, you can see most of my paintings, buy prints from my webshop and, also sign up for teaching groups in drawing and painting.

I believe that by surrounding yourself with beautiful experiences and surroundings, you find more peace and contentment within yourself, which is then passed on to the surroundings.

That is why I have chosen to paint peaceful, beautiful paintings, based on our incredibly beautiful nature. No place is more peaceful for me than underwater, a world I love to dive into, therefore my future lies as an Ocean Painter.

It is my hope that you will take the trip with me, enjoy rejoicing in the colors, the peace and the details.

Britt Wilken