About me

My love for painting, colors, symbolism, and the world of imagination is the cornerstone of who I am.
I have always needed to express myself through an art form, to feel whole. Without it, I'm not worth much.
I have played with music, singing, short story writing, drawing, sewing, weaving, ceramics, gardening and painting, and probably more things I can't remember anymore.

Britt Wilken, Billedkunstner

All my paintings are very detailed and have a strong symbolic value. Each and every painting, you could say, is a symbolic self-portrait of the problems or experiences I have in life.
The paintings help me, in that way, through life.
I have been painting, seriously, since 2006, and it took me at least 10 years to find my style.
Now I have landed, really well, in the Ocean paintings, or rather, under the surface paintings, because I also have to dive in the rivers of the Amazon and the lakes of Kenya, like Lake Turkana and Naivasha.
It is my hope that you will take the swim with me.